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Our factory trained Sales and Service Departments work hand in hand together. We specialize in Industrial and Medical Compressed Air and Vacuum.

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Our Services

Compressed Air is considered to be a basic utility used in manufacturing facilities. Air compressors are a considerable part of the monthly overhead. Are you aware that you spend about twice as much per year to operate an air compressor when you compare it to the original capital expense? A basic 50 HP compressor costing 15,000 can consume nearly 25,000 in electricity alone if you run the unit 24 hours a day. A well thought out compressed air system is crucial to bottom line profits. We can help you make your plant air system operate at peak efficiencies.

We offer customized, on-site training seminars designed to help you operate and maintain your equipment in the most efficient manner, which enhances profits and protects jobs!

Contact Compressor Sales

Jeff "JP" Poole

Sales & Applications Engineer
[email protected]

Service & Support

Ken Craig

Industry-leading service and support
[email protected]

Some of our Services include:

  • Oil Analysis
  • Plant Air Surveys
  • System Design
  • Custom Fabrication
  • & Much, Much More!
  • Installations (certified for medical applications)
  • Air Piping
  • Rebuilding
  • Performance Testing
  • Service Agreements
  • Leak Detection

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